Pakistani Wedding Clothes for Men

No matter what century, what country or what age group, fashion as always tends to revolve around and be dominated by the female of the species. At any Pakistani wedding, every lady will have given due consideration to exactly they will be wearing and the intracacies of colour coordination.

Spouses on the other hand will mostly be pulling out some anonymous dark suit from the wardrobe and their trusty shirt which no doubt their wives will have seem them in much too often. The extent of male fashion sometimes extends to what colour tie to wear and no more.
pakistani wedding clothes sherwani
Of course this is not true of all men but the fact remains that fashion as mentioned above is the domain of women and will always be so. Nonetheless, all is not lost. With growing interest from younger generations, a veritable industry is building up around pakistani wedding clothes for men as well as women.

Pakistani Wedding Clothes for the Dulha

First off, one needs to consider the dulha (groom). The sherwani is a classic pakistani wedding dress for men that imparts grand sophistication onto any dulha who wears it and is popular not only in Pakistan but also abroad in the UK, US and other western countries amongst the Pakistani communities that look homeward for the latest trends.

Gray Pakistani Jamawar Sherwani for Men The gray sherwani shown left for example is made from jamawar fabric and features a strip of rich detailed embroidery lining on both sides of the front piece. A beautiful floral pattern accents the front border from the collar downwards.

The open design on the front allows for easy and flexible movement and could be complimented with a high quality shalwar in black or white colour.

The Pakistani wedding sherwani is traditional dress and has come in and out of fashion just like all garments do. It has an enduring charm however and elegance that is hard to be matched by some everyday drab suit. It is eye-catching and smart and your wedding may be the only chance you ever get to go all out and wear a really fancy one that only a dulha can pull off.

Pakistani Wedding Clothes for the Mehndi

The mehndi is the celebration before the wedding ceremony where guests can mingle and enjoy the festivities. A great opportunity to make another pakistani wedding clothes fashion statement for men.

One popular choice are fancy kurtas that sometimes can look like a sherwani but are not as formal. For example, they may have a ‘Nehru collar’ as sherwani’s do and may feature more embroidery than would normally be on an everyday regular kurta.
fancy pakistani wedding kurtas

So if its wedding season ahead, make a statement and impress your buddies with you fashion sense. These traditional pakistani wedding clothes for men are trendy, smart and flattering.

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