Top Ten Pakistani Clothes of 2013 – As Voted By LabelPK Fans

Well its almost time to say goodbye to 2013 and welcome in the new year. Its been a great startup year for LabelPK as we have continued to bring you the best in Pakistani Facebook boutique fashion. If you are new to LabelPK, here is a quick reminder of what we do.

What is LabelPK?

It’s simple really. We identify and post on our site the latest Pakistani fashion from the best sites on Facebook that are creating Pakistani clothes and showcasing them with amazing photography.

Browsing the collections on makes life easier for you as you don’t have to spend time traipsing around on Facebook hunting down good quality retailers. Do you know how many low quality clothing sites are out there? We do, because we’ve reviewed a lot of them!

Chic Facebook Boutiques

We’ve found chic boutiques like Riffat & Sana, Bellus Designs, Andaaz Pret-a-Porter, Farida Hasan, Nadia Farooqui, Kaliyaan among others to consistently stun their customers with their high quality photography, elegant designs and creative flair.

Top Ten

Everytime we highlight the latest collections from these quality retailers, we post a sample of their photography on our LabelPK Pinterest page. As of now, we have over 90 photos on that page and 80 followers which is an incredibly high ratio of pins to fans. And they have been voting with their re-pins and likes.

So without further ado, the results are in and we can present to you the best Pakistani clothes of 2013 as voted by LabelPK fans.

# 10

BOUTIQUE: Nadia Farooqui
Goto Collection
A selection of stylish formal occasion pakistani clothes for 2013 by Nadia Farooqui.

Gracefully shot against mirrored backgrounds, these threads are true to the brand’s style.

# 9

Goto Collection
A brand label that seeks to blend chic, fun clothes with a retro flavour, Insam’s sharp tailored looks and sleek silhouettes make for confident contemporary styling.

# 8

BOUTIQUE: Riffat & Sana
Goto Collection
A stunning silk collection from Riffat & Sana whose Facebook page now commands a more than respectable 80,000 Likes!

# 7

BOUTIQUE: Farida Hasan
Goto Collection
Entitled ‘Ethereal Romance’ and true to her style of beautifully embroidered floral patterns, this Spring 2013 Pakistani clothes collection from Farida Hasan is inspiring, elegant and attractive.

# 6

BOUTIQUE: Adnan Khan
Goto Collection
‘Raeesah’ or the Princess collection from the AdnanKhan label comprises of a splendid line up of Pakistani bridalwear dresses that fuse traditional patterns and modern cuts elegantly.

# 5

BOUTIQUE: Nadia Farooqui
Goto Collection
From trendy casuals and flowy chiffons to heavy formals, Nadia Farooqui operates out of her studio in Bukhari Commercial Area, Phase VI, DHA, Karachi.

# 4

BOUTIQUE: Andaaz Pret-a-Porter
Goto Collection
This beautiful full-length red Kameez certainly attracted a lot of interest.

# 3

BOUTIQUE: Andaaz Pret-a-Porter
Goto Collection
Explore to see Andaaz Pret-a-Porter’s collections from 2012 and 2013.

# 2 – Runner-Up

BOUTIQUE: Adnan Khan
Goto Collection
Based out of Lahore, AdnanKhan is a fusion of contemporary South Asian elegance with the vibrance of western panache.

# 1 – Winner

BOUTIQUE: Andaaz Pret-a-Porter
Goto Collection
Professional make-up, top quality photography and striking poses are hallmarks of Sarah Moin’s pret-a-porter line, Andaaz.

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Patriotic 14th August Pakistani Clothes 2013

67 years after its birth and Pakistan once again celebrated its independence with much fervour this 14th August 2013.

Amongst the many festivities, a 31-gun salute boomed out from the federal capital, sweets were exchanged between border troops at the famous stomping ground that is Wagah and zealous patriots were seen free-climbing the facade of Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s mausoleum; an act that is sure to have garnered a mixed response from the rest of the nation.

Even Google joined in on the fun as it has for the past two years with a suitable doodle, this time blending Pakistan’s national animal, the Markhor, into its logo. In the background, the tallest mountain of Pakistan and the 2nd highest peak of the world, the aptly named K2, can be seen.

14th August Google Doodles

Patriotic Pakistani Clothes by Nida Azwer

Of note from the facebook stylistas that we love to follow, only Nida Azwer published a chic collection of patriotic shalwar kameez.

Perhaps all the other boutiques have been busy with their 2013 Eid orders as of course this year and for a few years to come, Eid-al-Fitr and Pakistan Independence day will fall very close to each other.

And Now For The Politics :)

In fact it may come as a surprise to many that Jinnah himself always declared August 15th as:

‘the birthday of the independent and sovereign state of Pakistan’.

Documented speeches of him include one made at Chittagong on 26th March 1948 in which he said:

‘This biggest Muslim State came into being on 15th August 1947′.

Whereas many have tried to use these facts as a source of contention and confusion, the basis of 14th August as Pakistan’s Independence Day is rooted in historical, political and pragmatic foundations. For example, in order that the last British Viceroy, Lord Mountbatten, could attend Independence ceremonies in both Karachi and Delhi, the Pakistani ceremony was held on the 14th and the Indian one on the 15th.

Furthermore, because of the time-zone difference between the two new countries, the official stroke of midnight on the 15th of August on which both countries legally came into existence was in fact 11.30pm on the 14th in Karachi.

Regardless, what is of course of more interest to our fans is what the style scene has been this 14th August 2013. Hope you enjoyed it!

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5 of the Best Chic Pakistani Clothing Boutiques on Facebook

The 21st century has seen the Pakistani fashion industry growing in leaps and bounds.

Suddenly brand names such as HSY, Deepak Perwani, Amir Adnan, Sana Safinaz, Maria B., Sania Maskatia, Fahad Hussayn and a plethora of other established and up-and-coming Pakistani labels are gaining greater recognition not only at home but also abroad.

But Pakistani creative talent does not end with big names, big brands, big hair and big price tags!

Of more interest to the everyday Pakistani lady looking to wear something comfortable, semi-formal/casual and stylish is the plethora of creative designs emerging from a host of smaller, chic local boutiques that are attracting a great deal of attention and interest.

If you scour the internet, you will come across a whole host of such pakistani clothing fashion outlets marketing and selling their creations and designs online via facebook pages or full-blown e-commerce sites, to a hungry and burgeoning market both at home and around the world.

Many of them do leave a little to be desired in terms of their professionalism and quality of their garments but the following 5 chic boutiques (listed in alphabetical order) are sure to whet the appetite.

Andaaz – Pret-a-Porter

Professional make-up, top quality photography and striking poses are hallmarks of Sarah Moin’s pret-a-porter line, Andaaz – Pret-a-Porter. The brand features a gorgeous range of colorful and creative pakistani style clothing.

Follow this link to check out the latest collections by Andaaz Pret-a-Porter

Bellus Designs

Bellus Designs is a Karachi based boutique with a line of clothing that caters mainly to working women who are looking for contemporary, fresh designs and cuts but do not have the time or patience to deal with the hassle of running around to tailors!

Follow this link to check out the latest collections by Bellus Designs

FSN Dressline

FSN dressline is all about trendy, unique apparel that seeks to bring about the best in you!

Follow this link to check out the latest collections by FSN Dressline

Nadia Farooqui

From trendy casuals and flowy chiffons to heavy formals, Nadia Farooqui operates out of her studio in Bukhari Commercial Area, Phase VI, DHA, Karachi.

Follow this link to check out the latest collections by Nadia Farooqui

Riffat & Sana

A chic boutique with a loyal following, Lahore-based Riffat & Sana are giving Karachiites a run for their money. With a penchant for digital printed clothing, their creations certainly stand out from the crowd.

Follow this link to check out the latest collections by Riffat & Sana

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Latest Eid 2013 Pakistani Clothes Collections

Its June and with less than a month to go before the start of Ramadan 2013, Pakistani clothing boutique stylistas from Karachi and Lahore are feverishly working on their Eid 2013 collections and ramping up their lineups for what is no doubt going to be another season of eye-catching designs.

Here at, we like to celebrate the ‘chic Pakistani boutique’ rather than the big brand names that everyone has heard of. So if you are looking for something with a little more character and personal touch, stay tuned as we will be adding to this list of PK chic as the season progresses.

Riffat & Sana

Vibrant colors and elaborately designed digital printed cloth are the signatures of Riffat & Sana’s Eid 2013 collection.

E5 E1 E3
Swiss voile shirt with pure chiffon digital dupatta. Cotton net shirt. Raw silk digital pants. Crepe silk shirt with pure chiffon digital dupatta.

Desi Beads

This Eid 2013 Collection by DesiBeads, a facebook Pakistani clothing boutique with just over 3000 Likes, seems to have been shot in an aviary or menagerie of some kind. Look closely at the pics and see if you can spot the deer and peacock!

4800 Rps 4500 Rps 3200 Rps
Formal white net wear with panels and banarsi peacock shaded border. Electrifying green frock with huge flare and panels. Yellow embroidered motif body.

Andaaz Pret-a-Porter

Not to be outdone by all the others and hot on their heels, comes this release by Andaaz Pret-a-Porter.

Yusra Masood

This small but sleek collection of Pakistani clothes for Eid 2013 by Yusra Masood, was recently exhibited at Prince Jewellers/ Diamond Gallery, 2 Talwar, Karachi. Perhaps you were there? If you want to make an order, best be quick, as bookings for Eid will be closing 15th July.

5800 Rps 5500 Rps 5800 Rps
Tea Pink with beige and pink floral embroidery. Funky Aztec style beige shirt with decorative black appliques. Bronze screenprint motif with birds and floral embroidery on back.

Nadia Farooqui

With over 18000 Likes, the Nadia Farooqui brand is growing to say the least. You can check out what all the fuss is about this 19th and 20th July in Bokhari Commercial Area, as she exhibits her latest line of smart casuals and semi-formals released for the Summer and Eid 2013 season. And of course, if you are one of the many LabelPK fans who live abroad, you can check out the collection right here.

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